We Love Watching Families Grow

We at Simply Christmas are known for our affordable prices for families everywhere. We have our repeat customers come in year after year to get their memory for child or grandchild. We love watching families grow. From the first year of school to getting their driver’s license, we have it and will personalize it for you.

Local Artists

We also love to support local and national artists. We have 3 local artists that make a great product for your Colorado memory. Tom Oates is a retired veteran who hand paints mountain scenes on different colored balls. As the seasons change so do Tom’s paintings. We enjoy sharing his art with our customers!

Next we love the small family that has taken old beetle kill trees and put art on them. They range from pictures of downtown, to elk, to our beautiful mountain ranges. Want something special made for a wedding or a family reunion? Let us know! We can arrange it!
Our third artist, Elaine Madje makes santa heads and fairy faces out of pieces of wood. She has been doing this over 20 years for us. Her unique eye and artist touch will have some of you smiling from ear to ear!

Made in the USA

Along with all these local artist we are really concentrating on finding unique, fun companies that are making a quality product for you here in the USA. Not something you would find in a shopping mall or other gift shop.
We also have found some great companies that give back. Artisans from Uganda making ornaments and nativity scenes out of banana leaves and other materials common there. Part of the proceeds go back to those villages and families.
We also really believe in the earth so we recycle all of our cardboard and packing material. Nothing gets thrown away that we can either reuse or recycle. Yay Mother Earth!

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