Thomas Nast Nutcracker


This is Thomas Nast Nutcracker! This high quality nutcracker is hand crafted in the United States, it happens to be the only nutcracker made in the United States! Each is signed by the artist, providing you with the connection to the hand crafted quality of each piece!  Each nutcracker from this collection comes with a hand crafted wooden case, complete with an etched picture of the story and character your nutcracker represents! These nutcrackers are durable and each comes with the Christmas story it portrays! This nutcracker will make a classy addition to any collection!

Below is the story that your Thomas Nast Nutcracker represents!

“History of Santa” #7

Thomas Nast was born in Landau, Germany in 1840. While still a very young boy, his family moved to New York City. Nast had little interest in academics, instead pursuing painting and drawing. In 1862 he landed a position at Harper’s Weekly, where he worked for many years as their political cartoonist. In 1863, Nast was asked to illustrate Clement Clarke Moore’s now-famous “The Night Before Christmas.” His Santa appeared much softer, kinder—less stern than the St. Nicholas that came before. It was Nast’s depiction of the Jolly Ol’ Elf that solidified our current image of Santa.

Size: 13.5 inches

Comes in custom wooden box.  Size of wooden box: 15 inches

#7 out of 7 in our “History of Santa” series. Simply Christmas carries the entire series.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 20 in